Khao Yai

Khao Yai

With rising pollution levels in cities like Bangkok and the stresses and strains of living an urban existence over time, it’s no surprise that more people are seeking a relaxing escape to natural beauty spots in Khao Yai. Close to the metropolis and home to 50 kilometers of trails for hikes and cycling, to discover this landscape of national parkland is a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

Greenery, outdoor activities, mountains and waterfalls, this part of Thailand is much loved by Thais, expats and tourists alike. It’s no surprise then that investing in a permanent, semi-permanent or holiday home is popular in the region. Thankfully, with infrastructure improving, and lots to see and do, the charm of the area’s landscape is easy to reach, with the capital just a couple of hours away by car, and once you’re there plenty of pursuits to occupy you too.

Owning a rural retreat in Khao Yai is regarded by many as a huge benefit to health, rather than a luxury. Many illnesses are related to stress as well as free radicals caused by toxins, not to mention bad lifestyle habits which can be exacerbated by city life. Relaxing the mind and body with a long weekend surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna is just the tonic many need to really unwind and find balance in their life.

The very nature of Khao Yai life means that you’re encouraged to adopt a different pace, enjoying the privacy and peace that most people in the city can only dream of. On the other hand, Khao Yai’s mix of local and international residents and visitors adds a dynamic edge and the atmosphere when you go out and about is welcoming and friendly.

A rural idyll can recharge your batteries and is the perfect place for anyone who finds lying on the beach during their time off a little dull. The climate is cooler and the properties are way more affordable than Bangkok and many other Thai cities. There is also enough variety in the property market to decide on the type of environment, setting and lifestyle that suits you.

Health is wealth, and with this in mind Khao Yai is a priceless place to invest in a property and in your own wellbeing at the same time; a splendid countryside getaway for the whole family, whether at home and abroad to visit for many years.