Khao Yai Villas for Sale

Khao Yai Villas for Sale

One important factor when considering Khao Yai villas for sale, and more specifically which one to purchase, is the outdoor space. With such a great quality of life, for retirees and holidaymakers, the villa grounds can become just as important as the indoor areas. The beauty of owning a villa is that feeling of seamlessness between inside and outside that so many villas achieve. After all, you want a place where you can float in and out of easily, whether enjoying a swim in your private pool at sunrise or even a morning coffee on your terrace, listening to the birds chirrup or a sundowner as the sun sets over a lovely day in Khao Yai.

The great benefit of owning your own house is that you can step out of your door, or perhaps through sliding doors from the living room, and enjoy a breath of fresh air in your own private oasis. Of course, just as there is lots of choice when it comes to the actual type of property you purchase and the individual specs of each one, so too does this outdoor space vary as well.

If you have a great view and lots of privacy, the chances are that you’ll want the plot to be set up as an extension of your living space. Perhaps you like the idea of lounge seating, a private pool with poolside dining area and maybe a green lawn with plants and water features to create an interesting landscaping and soft-scaping design.

The outdoors can evoke the feeling of a retreat or a secret garden just as well as it can be a chic space with a few nest chairs and cabanas. A BBQ station and perhaps an outdoor kitchen or some type of preparation and/or serving area can be a charm for when families get together or you’re hosting an informal soiree. Plants can provide a wonderful amount of shade, while furnishings can totally transform a simply shaped garden and turn it into a fantastic green space.

Some of these design features you can add yourself, however you do need to think about size and possibilities, as well as cost, when you’re adding up the potential of each of the Khao Yai villas for sale you’re considering. A secluded location means you’re likely not overlooked either and yet you can still feel private in a gated community as well.