Khao Yai Thailand Property for Sale

Khao Yai Thailand Property for Sale

Home to one of Thailand’s most visited national parks, Khao Yai is a magnificent destination. Just a couple of hours or so from the buzzing capital of Bangkok, Khao Yai is a popular rural escape for tourists from all over the world. It is also a favorite destination for city-dwelling locals and expats looking for a holiday home in the countryside with cleaner, cooler air where they can escape for a weekend or longer.

It used to be the case that Khao Yai Thailand property for sale mainly consisted of villas and detached properties. However, recent times has seen more development of condominiums too, giving rise to greater choice in terms of style, size and budget. There is greater scope to invest in a modern bolt-hole property just as there is ample choice to purchase a larger property as a family home-away-from home.

The property market in Khao Yai is not expanding as fast as some parts of the country, which means that the affordability of the region is still a plus point. At the same time, interest is ever-present which is good news for developers as well as property owners looking to sell at a good price.

For those looking for a vacation rental property, the ROIs can be solid, especially since Khao Yai is a destination that attracts international and local visitors all year round, bringing in a potential steady stream of revenue. The natural beauty of the area, which covers four provinces, is what makes it priceless. If you are considering investing in property in Khao Yai it is worth noting that by you are buying into a fantastic lifestyle in a splendid oasis of jungle, grasslands and mountainous valleys, with waterfalls, trails and award-winning vineyards.

Relaxing, yet with lots of activities and tourist attractions on offer, Khao Yai is more than a beauty spot in Central Thailand. For families wanting to experience more outdoorsy leisure time then Khao Yai has it all, from cycling to hiking, incredible golfing and more. In terms of properties for sale, this part of the country is a goldmine of real-estate gems where you definitely get more for your money. Add to this the unparalleled beauty of the landscape, the proximity to the capital and family-friendly things to do and places to visit from theme-park rides to farms, go-karting and European-inspired themed villages.