Khao Yai Real Estate

Khao Yai Real Estate

A sudden burst of developments saw a lot more projects come onto the Khao Yai real estate market around a decade ago. Along with new builds there were also expansion initiatives with existing developments adding on extra phases. The result was a great buyer’s market.

Today, demand for both detached houses and condominium units is still solid in Khao Yai, while there’s less development happening. In other words, the choice is still there while there’s room for buyers to really look around. At the same time, there’s enough movability for property owners to attract the price tag they want too.

Khao Yai real estate has always appealed to a certain niche group, who in essence are monied Thais who want to own a holiday home. Because of this, the demand for real estate in this market has always been aimed toward more expensive properties in comparison to other parts of Thailand.

However, this is changing, and with the great wealth of condos, villas and homes on the market, there’s a property for everyone in Khao Yai. Real estate varies from relatively inexpensive condos on the edge of Khao Yai to an exclusive and stunning detached property close to Khao Yai National Park. With more properties to choose from, more local buyers, as well as expats and property purchasers living abroad, can invest in Khao Yai living, or at least Khao Yai real estate for the vacation market.

Because of the legacy of tourists in Khao Yai, a modern condo unit is a perfect vacation-rental investment as these places tend to be low-maintenance, with lower costs as well. However, there’s still a definitive demand for older properties or amazing new developments where the focus is on luxury, with quality fixtures and fittings as well as high-end design details and décor.

As in other hotspots in Thailand, Khao Yai is unique in terms of the properties that’re on the market, the market profile itself and the demand from tourists which is growing. Khao Yai is, more than ever, absolutely on the tourist trail now, with plenty of attractions and a new fast road just around the corner. Experts with local knowledge know that Khao Yai’s on the up and up, with a fertile real estate landscape for those buyers savvy enough to understand that they will potentially reap big from what they now sow; forecasting exciting times ahead for property owners indeed.