Khao Yai Property

Khao Yai Property

When the heat, noise, pollution and building work in Bangkok gets too much, not to mention the traffic, crowds and lack of green spaces, everyone just wants to escape. Many urbanites are seeking a more balanced lifestyle where they can find a space to truly relax in, enjoy a good quality of life and de-stress. For many, living in the city is necessary for work, however there’s a growing desire to have a weekend and holiday escape in the countryside, and top of the list is the green landscapes of Khao Yai.

Retirees, expats living and working in the capital, Thai families and visitors from abroad who visit Thailand often are investing in real estate in Khao Yai. Easily reached within a couple of hours from Bangkok, new infrastructure being developed promises to speed-up travel times to and from the capital. Khao Yai National Park boasts 2,000 square kilometers of rainforest and green land, creating a wonderfully diverse habitation for wildlife. Khao Yai property is also widely varied too, with condos and detached houses as well as land to develop on.

From biking to hiking, kayaking to simply relaxing in scenic settings with views of mountains and stunning waterfalls, the fresh air, back-to-nature environment and activities on offer create a perfect holiday-home enclave. Because of the popularity of this part of the Kingdom, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in a vacation home too, renting this out for the ever-buoyant tourism market.

Khao Yai appeals to those seeking a weekend retreat, with enough to occupy all ages for a longer break too. Attractions, a relaxed pace of life and outdoor pursuits are right on your doorstep. With health and wellbeing so important, and the city getting busier and busier, there’s more interest in being able to get away and embrace a more natural setting. For families with children or older people who need to take greater care of themselves, the plus-points of owning a Khao Yai property are clear.

Another benefit of investing in the region is the competitive property prices, especially when compared to Bangkok and popular islands in the south of the country. With city congestion being an ever-present issue, the idea of being able to get away and relax without any big effort is really what makes Khao Yai the perfect vacation-home oasis. Meanwhile, the array of properties for sale is just as impressive as well.