Khao Yai Properties

Khao Yai Properties

If you don’t need to be reminded of the great benefits of investing in Khao Yai, then your next step is going to be focused on how to choose between different Khao Yai properties. In recent times there have been more condos and detached houses on the market, while there are also opportunities to develop land too.

Since you’re already sold on the relaxed lifestyle, competitive real-estate prices and beautiful settings, as well as great connectivity to the capital, you now need to consider various key points in making the right property choice. Here are six ideas to guide you:

1. Purpose: The size, style and location of your future property depends on why you want to invest. Do you want a vacation home for weekend getaways? Do you want to rent out to other holidaymakers? Or perhaps you want to retire in Khao Yai and enjoy a healthier lifestyle?

2. Budget: It’s best to set your budget and be strict about sticking to this. However, it’s often a good idea to just take a look at properties that are available for a little extra. Sometimes, a small increase can take you to the next level. At the same time, don’t set a minimum either as there are some really good deals out available.

3. Area: The closer to Khao Yai National Park, which covers a spectacular 2,000 square kilometers, then the more expensive a property will be. However, if you are investing to target tourists looking for a vacation stay then it might be worth going smaller and closer than buying a bigger property further away.

4. Investment Potential: Even if you’re looking for a home to fall in love with, it’s worthwhile to consider properties that you might not initially have chosen. Keeping an open mind allows you to explore different styles of property as well as keep in mind the potential returns on investment. Buying property is always a balance between personal preferences and sensible choices.

5. Pros: Make an objective list of all the advantages a property offers, including the neighborhood, design and architecture, as well as individual features and any outdoor space. Include the décor and any furnishings as well.

6. Cons: Be honest with yourself about what some of the downsides of a particular property might be. These could include maintenance costs and any work that needs to be carried out from the get-go.