Khao Yai Properties for Sale

Khao Yai Properties for Sale

One size does not fit all and what’s great about Khao Yai properties for sale is that there is a good variety of places to suit different purchasers and less of a cookie-cutter real-estate market.

Once you’ve decided to seriously look for a house or condo, your next step is looking at find the perfect property. To help you in that process be mindful of your budget and set minimum and maximum levels that are realistic with the general scope of what you’re looking for. It’s good to be as detailed as possible but don’t let small points block a good investment, especially if these are changeable. In essence, you need to get that right balance between looking for your dream property in Khao Yai and being flexible.

Consider whether you want a modern, functional home that is low-maintenance in a small community. You may prefer the idea of a grand villa instead, surrounded by green vistas with a classically Thai gabled roof and indigenous architecture and interiors. A luxury home may have the wow factor but what about upkeep? You may want a home you can move straight into or perhaps you’re happy to take on a project.

What features and facilities do you want? Is a swimming pool or use of one important? What about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Try to look beyond your personal preferences if you’re investing in a vacation rental property and be practical as well as financially minded.

With such an amazing climate and beautiful countryside feel, outside spaces can be just as important as inside. You may want a garden or at least a green buffer between you and your neighbors. Or perhaps a balcony with a pleasant view will suffice. Inside the property, do you want maximum privacy or do you like the idea of open-plan spaces?

With older properties the décor may not fit with your tastes, but as with any property investment try to look beyond this at a property’s potential. In Khao Yai, it’s often the location and the setting that really sells a property as well as the space afforded.

It’s always worthwhile throwing in a wild card property too. Sometimes, buyers don’t know what they’re exactly looking for until they find it and it turns out to be something they weren’t expecting. Be focused yet open-minded and enjoy exploring local areas along the way as well.