Khao Yai Land for Sale

Khao Yai Land for Sale

When it comes to current opportunities to develop Khao Yai land for sale there are plenty, and that’s why demand is so high. Tourism in the region is increasing, there’s a growing desire for Thai and expat city-dwellers to breathe fresher mountain air, and new roads and transport links are under construction, promising to make Bangkok that little bit closer. It’s true that land prices close to Khao Yai National Park have increased in recent years. However, purchasers need to see this as a good sign, proving that interest is high and opportunities even higher.

The influx of visitors and new residents is such that this will lead, over time, to more business development, job openings and tourist attractions and enterprises too. With change afoot, let’s look at ‘5 Opportunities to Develop Khao Yai Land for Sale’:

1. Holiday Home: Invest in rai to build a villa property to suit you and your family’s needs, whether a luxuriously contemporary abode or a classic, traditionally designed Thai house. There are also potential savings to be made on building a to-spec property instead of purchasing a pre-existing one.

2. Retirement Home: As retirement looms so does the prospect of moving to a more lifestyle-equipped destination. Retirees who have time as well as money to invest, may be able to enjoy the luxury of designing their own home, perhaps with features that fit with their health and mobility needs.

3. Vacation Property Rental: Many property purchasers invest in condos and villas on the market to rent out to holidaymakers. However, there may be a niche missing in the market or a certain spec that is not available which you want to capitalize on. In this case, a customized property might be the best choice.

4. Tourist Business: From spas to outdoor expedition tour guides, kayaking companies to a kids’ play center, the number and type of tourist-related businesses is growing in Khao Yai. Land is needed to develop many of these new projects too. Khao Yai is a true family destination, whilst also attracting older visitors, retirees and even couples looking for a romantic weekend.

5. Corporate Hub: As Bangkok real estate and rentals skyrocket, more companies are looking at relocation possibilities. With close proximity to the capital, fast-developing areas close to national parkland and lower land and property costs, Khao Yai could be an ideal base for a variety of businesses, with many companies connecting remotely too.