Khao Yai Investments

Khao Yai Investments

For private individuals, purchasing a property in a buoyant real estate market, such as in Khao Yai, home to Thailand’s most visited national park, can be a wise investment. Choose the right condo, villa, commercial premises or land opportunity, in the right location, for the right price, and you could end up getting a pretty good return on these types of Khao Yai investments.

There’re other types of investments beyond financial too, such as investing in family life or investing in a lifestyle change. Health is wealth and Khao Yai’s popularity is not only attributed to its natural beauty but also the slower pace of life here as well. There’s lots of space in this part of Thailand, with less pollution than in cities like Bangkok, plus a good variety of leisure pursuits, including really high-quality golf courses. This undoubtedly appeals to those seeking a relaxing retirement home along with families who want their kids to experience a real jungle landscape rather than the concrete jungle of urbanized cities.

The tourist industry is robust too, which is great news for investors who want to reap the revenues from those seeking stays close to the national park. When weighing up Khao Yai real estate investments as a business, look at a property with an investor’s eye assessing what works best for your money rather than relying on emotion to decide on a home for yourself.

Get a good idea about what the expected returns on investment (ROIs) are and how these compare to different areas. For example, a property close to the park might work out to be a better investment if the rentals are higher than another place further away. The higher you go in terms of purchase price, the more niche a category you are entering, and this needs to be factored into the calculations too. In the same way, you may find that a more expensive property catapults your villa or condo into a higher class, bringing with it far greater revenues and margins if you rent out or if you decide to resell.

Get a good idea of what individual locations are like and any USP that is going to boost investment value such as a sea view or great attraction nearby. Investing in a dream requires a good dose of reality, ensuring you understand the business and geographical landscape, any hidden costs, potential and future plans.