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Khao Yai Condominiums

Creating More Space Inside Khao Yai Condominiums

Compared to a rambling old property, a general truth is that most apartments are less spacious. This is something of a misnomer however, as what many units lack in internal space they make up for in shared spaces and lifestyle-oriented facilities. Often, there is no real need for a condo to be particularly roomy either, especially if it is being used as a getaway holiday home or a vacation rental. In many ways, a smaller space may be preferable.

With this being said, however, there are certainly practical ways to make the interiors of Khao Yai condominiums appear bigger than they are:

Add furniture that fits the space: There is nothing worse than an oversized wardrobe, table or sofa to make a room look smaller than it actually is. A bedroom that is a little on the tight side, for example, may benefit from a sofa-bed or a small double which gives the appearance of space. Meanwhile, make sure you can walk around a lounge without bumping into things.

Avoid heavy colors: Dark tones can be oppressive, while a feature wall with a strong design can stop a small room looking like a little box. Most condos benefit from a neutral palette, with earthy hues that complement the natural beauty of the outdoors. This extends to curtains and bedcovers too, which look better if they reflect a more modern, lighter feel rather than being too traditional.

Keep walls and surfaces relatively clear: Lots of pictures and ornaments create a cluttered feeling that may be homely but can make a space just that bit too cozy. Not only is this old-fashioned, but it can be twee and also not allow a room to ‘breathe’.

Be clever with interior design: There are definite tricks to making a room look bigger and a classic tip is the use of mirrors to give the illusion of extra space. These are can be used in a way that gives added dimension, as well as adding light into a space too.

Be minimalist but not sparse: Minimalism can be taken too far so that it begins to look too sterile and uncomfortable. A condo in Khao Yai needs to be homely and inviting, so that relaxing evenings can be spent indoors. Adding in some color and character is a great way to inject some personality into an apartment while still following the principle of uncluttered space.