Khao Yai Condominium for Sale

Khao Yai Condominium for Sale

With such a healthy market in condominium real estate in Khao Yai, property owners may want to sell to upgrade to a bigger apartment or perhaps to invest in a detached property instead. Of course, there are other motivations for selling too, however what all owners have in common is that they want to get the best price possible. The market dictates that purchasers get value for money in the area, yet sellers can find a good deal too, particularly if their Khao Yai condominium for sale is market-ready.

With new condo projects in development, there is perhaps more emphasis than before that units look good enough to appeal to buyers. To achieve this it is necessary to follow a few golden rules that although simple are sometimes disregarded by owners.

Golden Rule 1: Remove Personal Items
If you have lived in the condo you are going to sell, or even just used it as a holiday stay or rental, then the likelihood is that the rooms will be imprinted with your style, be that through artwork, ornaments or furnishings. Take out items that are about you to create a more neutral space, one in which a potential buyer can imagine making their own.

Golden Rule 2: Keep it Clean
There is nothing worse than walking into a condo, whether being lived in or not, and seeing built-in grime, dust and a general lack of cleanliness. Clear surfaces, add a fragrance to the air with some freshly cut flowers and bring in a cleaner. Ensuring your apartment is well-maintained is also important, as any repair issues will immediately stand out and add a shoddy veneer to the apartment as a whole. A lick of paint to freshen-up walls can be a quick, easily achieved and affordable way to give rooms a quick face-lift.

Golden Rule 3: Do Not Oversell
Are you looking for a quick sale or feel that some negatives about your condo are outweighing the positives and stalling the listing on the market? If so, then do not be tempted to get involved with viewings and would-be purchasers. This is best left to professionals who know the type of buyers who would be interested in your property and also the features that need to be highlighted to them. If the condo is simply fabulous, then do not over-enthuse, let the space, view and quality features do the talking.