Khao Yai Condo Projects

Khao Yai Condo Projects

The great advantage of looking into purchasing a condo during the development stage is pretty straightforward. You get in early enough rather than miss out on what could be the perfect property for you. There is a lot of interest in Khao Yai condo projects, and over recent years there has been an upsurge in this type of development too, with developers identifying a strong market.

In the past, a stunning villa was the classic real estate to own in the beautiful countryside of Khao Yai, with greenery all around, clean air and possibly mountain views, but certainly a good deal of privacy. As tourism has expanded along with a new generation of buyers who appreciate the value of being a property owner in this part of Thailand, more projects have gotten underway.

A good example is the Kube Khao Yai, a superbly contemporary property, with chic two-bedroom apartments, as well as villas too. The minimalist design contrasts incredibly with the natural beauty of the green landscape, with the mountains a stunning vista on the horizon.

If you are interested in purchasing off-plan then it is really vital that you are making the right decisions before you buy.

  • Understand size and dimensions in real terms so that you can really figure out the reality of the space you are dealing with. If you are not spatially aware, then look at the property you are staying in and get your tape measure out. Knowing that a bedroom is large enough for a double bed is a pretty basic requirement.
  • Make a list of questions to ask then go away and keep coming back to this document over time, as queries pop into your mind. Do not be afraid to get down to the finer details such as where sockets are going to be placed and the quality of any fixtures and fittings. Getting an idea of the materials can be worthwhile as well.
  • Look at architect drawings and any other visual aids and make sure you are clear as to whether these are artist impressions and how many of the features are actually being included. For example, what will the landscaping consist of and what facilities will be included?
  • Visit the plot and a show-condo if available so that you can get a lay of the land and a feeling for the setting, view and local area and spot any issues.