Condos Khao Yai

Condos Khao Yai

Condos Khao Yai Vs City Condos

If you are considering investing in some type of real estate in Thailand, then it may be that you are considering an apartment rather than a detached property. This could be for many reasons, such as the ease of purchasing a condominium unit rather than land if you are a foreign buyer. Other factors could be the buy-to-let potential, ability to buy and then sell again within a shorter timeframe, and also the suitability of an apartment as a holiday rental.

Your next task is to then decide where to invest. Of course, there are plenty of developments in Bangkok and the ever-widening neighborhoods around the capital. However, what you might not have thought about are condos Khao Yai located. Many people think of this gorgeous rural destination as home to old holiday homes, particularly popular with monied Thais and holidaymakers looking for adventure staying in hotels or bungalows. The second-home market in Khao Yai is booming and a condo can be an ideal bolt-hole for weekends away or to serve the area’s widening tourist appeal.

While city condos may seem attractive, the landscape is forever changing and what might be a good investment one day may become less so in a market that is somewhat saturated. You have to have a good grasp on hotspot areas to be able to make wise investments. Not so in Khao Yai, with limitations in place to limit the size of new builds. What this translates to is less accelerated development activity, with a more niche selection of condominiums to choose from. This means that units are sought after and can be resold fairly easily as well.

Another plus-point you may want to factor in as well is the fact that the building regulations in Khao Yai mean that condominiums are low-rise. Many holidaymakers, if you are intending to rent out your property, do not want to stay in a high-rise and welcome the less dense environment of these types of modern condo where the focus is on lifestyle and facilities.

Of course, you may find that you get more for your investment in Khao Yai too, with many city condos coming with a hefty price tag. If you are already based in the city, then owning a rural retreat is a no-brainer. The fact that a condo is easily maintained as well, compared to a house, also boosts the attraction of condos.