Condominiums Khao Yai

Condominiums Khao Yai

Looking Outside-In at Condominiums Khao Yai

There is the temptation, when weighing up a property purchase, or indeed when marketing your property if you want to sell, of focusing extensively on the indoor space. Of course this makes sense, however, in today’s holiday-home markets the living space extends way beyond the walls, making the outdoor areas just as important in many respects.

When evaluating condominiums Khao Yai located that are on the market, then you may want to really hone-in on the grounds and note any plus-points here. Say you have a choice of between several equally well-located condos, with similarly appealing indoor specifications, and a price tag that fits your budget. Your next step to differentiate between individual condominiums could be to assess the outdoors. Here are a few pointers:

Size: The size of a plot of land does matter, but it is not the be all and end all. The larger this area is, the higher the fees may be for the upkeep too, so this has to be a consideration. However, large green spaces outdoors can certainly make up for a lack of internal space in such a beautiful location as Khao Yai.

Facilities: Living is about lifestyle possibilities, and in a tropical location that is all about the outdoors; resort-style activities and relaxation are important qualities. A swimming pool could become a deciding factor, while exercise equipment, a gym or perhaps a yoga deck and meditation garden could be decision influencers as well.

Landscaping: A condo with well-designed hardscaping and softscaping may appeal if the result is communal areas and private hideaways, plus shade and sunny spots. Design can craft green areas to create extra living spaces.

Privacy: Whether the outdoors acts as a buffer to a road or is, instead, a private space where residents can look out to the beautiful natural surroundings is important. Whether your holiday home or a sanctuary where holidaymakers can chill out, most people value a garden or green space that is not overlooked or too close to traffic.

Features: Look out for extra elements too and add these into the equation, such as the view, social dining areas or perhaps a barbeque pit. Sometimes, the small details can also give outdoor space its identity and you can then judge what your overall impression is. A garden view may be a deciding factor too, while a bland green space with no personality can be a turn-off.